mr smith, unlearner

“Are you sure,” he said, “that you want to unlearn? Look at the sea. From here we can see a multitude of small waves; if we were on a high eminence we should see the larger ocean billows on whose surface merely these small disturbances are. From a still greater height we should see the great wave of the tide, whose great sweep might mean life or death to a swimmer, buffetting the tumultuous little waves. Is it not the greater tides that you should strive to learn, forgetting the momentary disturbances?”


conditioning 1 – tendencies

Being human and having been exposed to innumerable influences of a mathematico-teaching-learning nature you may have innate tendencies to:




WARNING: These items and many others like them will get liquidised and turned into very nice tasty paste if you follow the path of becoming a Cui Master.


conditioning 2 – you, maths, space and time, the government etc

Whatever you have been exposed to in general society, whatever you have exposed yourself to through conversations, books, courses and every other transaction you have made with the world, others, the environment and your self, will have CONDITIONED you and INFLUENCED you. Whilst this is obvious to a gibbon, people in general have strong tendencies to believe that the manner in which they view and respond to the world is THE ONE TRUE PATH. Clearly this is the extreme view and your path is clearly ONE PATH, But…these paths are deeply entrenched. They have a tendency to become YOUR TRUTH.

These ‘paths’ can be considered to be ‘interpretative networks’ through which the ‘real world’ is perceived and then conceived. These interpretative networks are filters through which ‘a world’ is conceived. As such these networks ‘create’ the ‘world’ which you ‘see’. You do not see the ‘real world’ because you cannot. All you can ever see is your version.

That is not to say that if you are not sitting properly in Silent Illumination, the overseeing zen priest will not hurt you when he whacks you on the shoulder with his whacking stick. It will hurt. The stick is ‘real enough’…

The ‘brute reality’ exists at a level that will effect you. Even when discussing the nature of this ‘brute reality’ however, never mind the mental realms (where our main interest lies), the colour we perceive as red, for example, DOES NOT EXIST ‘out there’. It is a construct of our perceptual apparatus. There is no red out there. There might well be frequencies of what we call electromagnetic radiation that can be considered to be isomorphic with this ‘red’, but red itself does not exist except in our minds.

We do not see things as they are but how we are enabled to see them.

If we are considering the ‘outer world’ in general for a mo’, consider this then: that which we perceive as space and time, also like red,  DO NOT EXIST ‘out there’, they are categories of perception that come into existence when we as humans do. I.e. when we are born (or maybe in the womb). Kant figured that one out. However, even though these categories are overwhelmingly powerful, controlling and utterly ‘obvious’ to us in our general day to day life, they do not really EXIST ‘out there’. They certainly exist for us, we have cornered the market in them, but they are created categories.

How much more created then are our beliefs about MATHS?

What you have experienced throughout your school lives and everything you have been exposed to since has undoubtedly conditioned you into believing that what you understand by ‘maths’ IS maths.

IT IS OBVIOUSLY NOT THE ONLY WAY of conceiving this game that can be called mathematics.

You have to accept that even though there is a vast government approved WAY of thinking and speaking about and then of teaching about this thing called maths, it is only ONE way, not THE way.

Unfortunately, the government way is a thousand miles wide and one inch deep.

There is too much in the curriculum, and it is done too quickly and in a shallow manner, resulting in fear and confusion for too many.

It does not, except in the rarest of individuals who can get through without too much damage, lead to a creative approach to the subject.

The Cuisenaire Way is a creative way of viewing maths as something which can be created, composed and improvised with, to use a musical metaphor. One can learn to write music, not play a few restricted tunes.

The Cui Way is a light year wide and bottomless.

You will need to peer into your own conditioning and reconsider…

Unfortunately you will be beaten with sticks if you do not follow the government line, and the government line is inadequate. The government and its representatives are not in the business of being truly open, honest and willing to learn, of reconsidering their conditioning.

You however, probably are.

Good on ya sport!

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