the content of every curriculum is relative and loaded

Awareness and attitude beat content. More later…

There are an infinite number of lists of content. Every curriculum that has ever existed or will ever exist or any that can be thought about in the future will have different sets of content. As now, when the government sees fit to allow those with no real knowledge or insight into education and learning to control what happens with content (and process), these lists will be enormous. What’s more they will be created by the prevailing mental structures of the beings involved.

A dog would create content relating to doggish items such as food, smell, territory etc.

Those who have been exposed to certain conditionings will often, though not necessarily, include aspects of these in their ‘curriculae’. George Monbiot recently wrote about this aspect. Check out his other writings on the reasons behind the present ‘revisions’…George Monbiot…’A Capitalist Command Economy’.

Gradgrind, from Dickens’ ‘Hard Times’ was keen on facts, facts, facts…

The half truth here is that of course everyone needs facts to operate in the world, but one needs much more than facts to be a creative, engaging, imaginative, happy productive human being.

The present ‘Revised National Curriculum’ for England and Wales is an example of ‘the Gradgrind Way’ created by those who do not understand but have the power to enforce. There are more sinister aspects to this however including the forcing or bribing of state schools to become so called academies by making them attempt to achieve the dull impossible. Then ultimately the profitable ones can be dealt out between the ‘unelected oligarchs’. This is truly a crime.

This revised curriculum is 1000 miles wide and 1 inch deep.