crossed rods or power towers

Sometimes you are in great danger of either running out of rods or wanting to show how to understand a better way of writing out or showing large numbers. See this:

crossed rods

Put the 5 across the 10. Get used to this, its so useful. Its just another way of showing the same thing. If we agree on it, it works, that’s all.

Here’s another that comes from the ‘real’ world, though you still see it on your flat screen:


This is not two sixes, its six times six, six multiplied by six, its six sixes, its 36.

We have gone UP rather than staying on the flat. We have moved into another dimension. COOL…

The height of our little 6 rods is 2. There are two layers. To use an even cooler way of saying the same thing, so long as we agree, which we do, you can do this:

6 to power 2

This means 6 times 6, 6 multiplied by 6, six sixes or:


Another way of saying this is six squared.

Take a look at googol and googolplex: