Jackson and I…

The other one, the one called Jackson has worked in education since 1970, in many schools and a university. He has been privileged to work with a very wide range of people, from 4 to 80 years, many children, many adults, many courses… I read in the sunlight on my summerhouse porch then tend vegetables. I know of him from the letters and emails he receives. I like playing with my grandchildren, constructing images and reading Borges. I chase froth on the beach with a large camera. He shares these preferences, but in a vain way that turns them into the attributes of an actor. I am quite aware of his custom of treating things he thinks of as precious. All things long to persist in their being. Years ago I tried to free myself from him and travelled in distant lands but all that is far way, playing those games with time and infinity. I shall now imagine other things. Thus my life, as all, is a flight to oblivion or to him.

with great apologies to Jorge Luis Borges and ‘Labyrinths’

Here lie a few of his previous activities. The highlighted are basically maths related:


Now he specialises in rods and the subordination of teaching to learning or as some might say the elevation of learning above teaching…and also, the creation and operation of rich, motivating learning environments.

communication is possible….contact: drjax at ntlworld.com