the disk of Odin


(One of my super duper extremely high res images from ‘The Book of Enlightenment’)

‘“Is it gold?” I said. “I know not. It is the disk of Odin and it has but one side.” It was then I felt a gnawing to own the disk myself. If it were mine, I could sell it for a bar of gold and then I would be a king. “In my hut I’ve got a chest full of money hidden away. Gold coins, and they shine like my ax,” I told the wanderer, whom I hate to this day. “If you give the disk of Odin to me, I will give you the chest.” “I will not,” he said gruffly. “Then you can continue on your way,” I said. He turned away. One ax blow to the back of his head was all it took; he wavered and fell, but as he fell he opened his hand, and I saw the gleam of the disk in the air. I marked the place with my ax and I dragged the body down to the creek bed, where I knew the creek was swollen. There I dumped his body. When I got back to my house I looked for the disk. But I couldn’t find it. I have been looking for it for years.’

Jorge Luis Borges ….‘The Book of Sand’

googol and googolplex

Googolplex is the biggest number with a definite nice name. It’s little sister is Googol. This little sister is so much smaller, it’s smaller than an ant compared to the volume of the universe. However, googol itself is far greater than the number of atoms in the universe. These are nice numbers.

Googol is 1 followed by 100 zeros.

Googolplex is googol written down googol times with multiplication signs between each of the googols.

Just thought I’d share that with you.

Here they are in rods:

googol and plex

Call the white rod 10. Then the orange is 100. The left hand side represents 10 raised to the power 100. The right hand side shows googol raised to the power googol.

ps I’ve made a mistake here. Googolplex is much smaller than I thought. It’s only 10 raised to the power googol. Titchy compared to my version above. So I have to name what I called googolplex above. I hereby call googol raised to the power of googol, googoljax. Hurray……a number named after me. I’ll write it again:

googoljax is googol raised to the power googol

who am I?

I know my name. Information is easy. Documentation is too.  I am a father and a son, fairly useful at times, English, born in the first half of the last century, I eat well, like a drink but not too much, am happy most of the time, about 6 feet tall, like polyester black collarless shirts……love my kids, grandkids and partner. Quite like the dog.  I love the sun and the snow, grow lots of vegetables, this year concentrating on chillies…………you get the picture.

These things are kind of truish. They are qualified ‘knowns’. Known in relation to something but the huatou refers to the ‘I am’ prior to all qualification, not the knowledge accumulated through experience of the life journey.

‘Who am I?’ is a huatou, a short but powerful zen gongan or koan. The most powerful question you can ever ask.

In examining this huatou in a meditative environment, mental constructions drop away and one is confronted by a realisation that one does not know the nature of existence and one’s fundamental assumptions of life are groundless.

Such is an aspect of zen.

‘I am’ cannot be found in experiences or secondhand ‘knowledge’.

In ‘Letting go’ of our learnt responses to ‘Who am I?’ we open up to a new realm of multi-dimensional attention and non-directed awareness. This is the hunting ground, the silence behind thought, the openness that is beyond the constructed story of self.

Beauty and the Beast live here.