dave eats a 1 rod and britney spears


That’s a bit annoying Dave… we can’t see all the complements to 10 now, we’ll have to imagine that one above the 9, as well as the missing one above the 5…


what can you see?

complements to 10 and the sum of all the numbers to 10

a nice rectangle 5 x10 + 5 = 55

the old devil al-jebr would see:


a half of any number multiplied by the same number plus a half of that particular number is;

the sum of all numbers up to that number.

so, add all the numbers up to 100:  50 x 100  + 50  makes 5050   nice…

the power of al-jebr

by the way, here’s the same infamous Dave eating Britney:


( thanks to MMc and J )