disambiguation 1

My mum used to send me to the butchers. Sometimes she’d say “Go and get me some meat.” This was very upsetting for a shy young boy. Imagine all the women (in those days it was just women) in the butchers listening to me saying that and getting asked by the butcher, “Yes young man…..what precisely do you f****** mean?” Nightmare. My son once had a T shirt that read “Can’t you be a big more f****** precise?

You see, in the imaginary world of mathematics it is necessary, if you really want to get anywhere, to be quite precise. Or rather, totally precise. Exactly and unambiguously precise. Disambiguation means to make things absolutely precise and utterly clear. Then, you can be sure that Arthur Pilbeam, who lives on Mars, will know exactly what you mean when you ask him a question.

This problem of not being quite precise can get you into all kinds of trouble. The are many areas that need “sorting out”. One of them is to be absolutely clear about the particular area, or DOMAIN, in which one is operating. Please read on………