the previous post and this one will relate to the next one


This is Fibonacci’s series. It’s often found in natural systems. Pick up a calculator. If you take one term and divide by the previous one you will get a number. The further you go along the series you will find that the number gets closer and closer to a certain value. That value is the ratio used in the previous post with rodman and the magic or golden rectangle. It’s rumoured that the Greeks used this proportion in the shape of the rectangle in the sides of the Parthenon in Athens but this is now refuted. It is also suggested by some that if you make a group of different sized rectangles including one with this ratio, the majority of people when asked, ‘Which rectangle looks the nicest?’, will pick this one. Try it… of course being a fair-test kind of person you’ll have to ask a lot of people and not influence the outcome…if you look here and scroll down you will see many other instances in architecture, painting, music and nature.

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