where do I begin?

Where do I begin?

From wherever you are. Where else?

But there is so much to learn…

There is always so much to learn…

Should I wait till I know more before starting with children?

No. Learn together and from each other. You will be surprised.

Our school curriculum is carved in rock.

Water will wear away rock.

There is no time or space to begin at school.

You must be doing something in maths. Start there.


Put out a box of rods. Say nothing.


Well, you could say something if you want.

What could we do with them?

Model what you are doing if it lends itself to that.

What if it doesn’t?

Make a little robot. Say the colours. Add up the robot’s rods.


You will find patterns. Get used to the rods. Always have them out.

Is that all?

Of course not. Learn ever more and more about the world of rods.

Do I have to start at the beginning with elementary arithmetic?

Of course not, start anywhere, the rods are like light, they help you to see.

What about other teachers in school?

Help them to see the value of the rods. Help each other. Sow seeds.

What is important?

When its appropriate, discard the rods and use your mind.

When will I know it all?


Does that matter?

No, it’s the best thing, you will never become bored…

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