There is chronic boredom in many schools


2 thoughts on “teachers

  1. Hi Pete, just skimming through your stuff when I should be working on my website! So .. in reply to a few of your points/questions .. I’ve always thought it should be ‘why am I?’ .. I was chronically bored at what were supposed to be good schools .. but, I did have Cuisenaire at my primary school, which may be why I was good at arithmetic, even though appalling at maths!

  2. hi lindsey…….the ‘who’ implies that you might not be what you imagine yourself to be. You might be different in your essence, if you like, to ‘the story of yourself’ that you promulgate or believe in. You must certainly be other than what other people image you to be. ‘Why’ implies cause and/or purpose. These are relative conceptual matters that trouble the Earthlings….. petex

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